Live-In Intensive A.R.T. Advanced Training

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word, “Rei” meaning Universe, and “Ki” meaning Energy. Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on energy healing that was bestowed upon Sensei Mikao Usui – in the nineteenth century ~ hence the name “Usui” method of Natural Healing.

Everybody and everything exists of energy.  This energy flows through us, surrounds us and nourishes us; it is the reason why we are able to live.  As we go through life, we may develop blocks that prevent us from the energy flowing through us in an optimum way.  If this goes on for a long period of time, we may become emotionally drained or even physically ill.  We may experience symptoms like fatigue and depression; our energy becomes imbalanced

What does Reiki do?

·       Promotes natural self-healing

·       Balances the energies in the body

·       Releases blocks and suppressed feelings

·       Treats symptoms as well as causes of diseases

·       Strengthens immune system

·       Balances organs and glands, and their bodily functions

·       Clears toxins

·       Relieves pain

·       Enhances personal awareness and promotes spiritual growth

Shoden (First Degree)

Teaching components of Level One

  • Kenyoku Ho (Cleansing)
  • Joshin Kokyu Ho (Focus Mind)
  • Seishin Toitsu (Unify Mind)
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony (Clear Mind)
  • Japanese Incense Ceremony (Open Mind)

Komyo Reiki Kai Level One teachings will give you: 

  • Clarity of thought
  • Sense of Connectedness
  • Renewed physical strength, physical healing
  • Calmness, reduced stress levels
  • Easing of conditions of insomnia, depression, and addiction
  • Assist you in addressing your fears
  • Ultimately you will increase and strengthen your immune system

Chuden (Second Degree)

Komyo Reiki Kai Level Two teachings will give you:

  • Learn Eight hands on Traditional Japanese Reiki Methods
  • Including Full body Blood Exchange Method
  • Learn three jumon (Mantras)
  • Three shirushi (Symbols)
  • To aid the student in focusing Ki and becoming the appropriate energies

Okuden (Third Degree)

Komyo Reiki Kai Level Three teachings will give you: 

  • (Inner teaching) Inner growth for teacher candidates
  • Anshin-risumei / Satori (enlightenment path)
  • A.R.T. Fourth shirushi (Symbol)
  • Teachings of the Master symbol and its use
  • Hands on experience using this symbol
  • Working with crystals
  • What is manifestation
  • Review practices of first two levels
  • Journey of life
  • Usui Eiki Ryoho Principles
  • Explanation of open teachings
  • Guidelines for treatment

Intensive Live-In (Friday P.M. to Sunday P.M.)

Powerful teachings and practice

  • Intensive training for transformational shift in perspective
  • Hands on learning
  • Traditional Reiki hands on Technique and Experience 
  • Intimate class size 
  • Professional equipment and tools 
  • Connection with your guides and intuition 

Lodging and Customized Menu plan

  • Comfortable spacious rooms located within workshop space, no travel required
  • Sacred space, park side energy, quiet country atmosphere, in the city
  • Shared accommodations and bathroom
  • Detoxing diet plan, enhanced vibrational foods


Upon completion of your weekend, you will receive manuals and certificates for each level achieved. 

You are now a certified practitioner! With Master/Teacher ongoing guidance, you can now take part in assisting future classes, to further your teachings and experience for a lower fee (max 5 years between trainings, new manuals and content upgrades are done.) 

The sacred space is being prepared as the energy is vibrating in anticipation of your arrival!

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are excited to see our returning clients and look forward to meeting the new members.