Harmonic Dream Circle

Walk your Talk Circle Gatherings:



BELLS and BOWLS: Wednesdays ~ 7 – 9 pm – at The Healing House at Sylvan Lake, AB


Its Time to Circle up and prepare ourselves – This circle will hold a meditative sacred space, for the group intention, gentle inner peace balance, remembrance of re-connection to our higher selves, holding circle manifestation for our weekly walk, intuition practices, vibrational attunement and energy cleansing.

Bells and Bowls Circle – Light offering prayer and candle dedication, personal shift identification, group vibrational chant and sound therapy, aromatherapy and group manifestation.  Please bring your sacred items: bells and bowls, altar item, favorite cards, prayer scarves, zafu or floor pillow… ceremonial and healing teas will be provided.

Donation $20 per week